BIPEC Endorses Mike Forrester

Dear Representative Forrester:

We are very pleased to announce that the South Carolina Business and Industry Political Education Committee PAC (BIPECPAC) has officially endorsed your candidacy for reelection to South Carolina House District 34.  BIPECPAC regards your continued service as crucial and will result directly in the creation of jobs and a higher standard of living for all South Carolinians.

The business community knows you to be a champion of free enterprise and competition based on the quantitative measure of your most recent BIPEC Legislative Vote Scores.  You have made a commitment to promote business and industry in the Palmetto State and recognize your constituents’ drive and determination to achieve the fundamental goal of providing for their families.  You understand also that, since the birth of this nation, that goal has been achieved by a thriving competitive and free enterprise system.

BIPECPAC is a statewide nonpartisan organization of diverse businesses and industries that promotes the election of pro-business candidates to the General Assembly.  Your endorsement was made on the basis of your performance as a legislator, input from our Members and your constituents.

Congratulations on receiving BIPECPAC’s endorsement.  We look forward to working with you in the 121st General Assembly.


William L. Pherigo
Chairman Emeritus, BIPECPAC

Thomas O. DeLoach

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